Air Compressors

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Air Compressors




We can supply whole compressed air systems consisting of compressor, blower as well as ancillary equipment such as pre coolers, dryers, filters, receiver tanks, closed cooling systems, chilled water systems as per the client's requirements. For the optimum performance of the compressed air system, the package integration is important. Our major experiences are focused on integrating compressors with a structural common skid, dryer & filters, receiver tank, interconnecting piping & valves, tubing, instruments, electric and control system (PLC). All systems complete assembled, integrated and tested in our shop. Specific performance, size and requirements of products are available upon request.

Applicable Types:

Centrifugal Compressor Rotary Screw Compressor (Oil Free / Oil Injection) Reciprocating Compressor (Oil Free / Oil Injection) Blowers (Centrifugal / Positive Displacement Type) Engine Driven Compressor


Instrument & Utility Air Compressor Bulk Air Compressor for Drilling Unit Breathing Air Compressor Starting Air Compressor Ventilation Air Blower Aeration Blower for Water Treatment.

Key Features:

Applicable in both Offshore & Onshore Carbon steel / stainless steel for pressure vessel and piping Electric motor available LV, MV and HV(up to 11kV) Air Cooled / Water Cooled Containerized units Compliance to NORSOK, ATEX, CE, API, IECEx, PED PLC Control / Microprocessor based control ATEX, suitable for Zone 1 / Zone 2 condition Tropicalization ambient temperature up to 55°C Winterization ambient temperature down to -50°C Painting (external / internal) as per required specifications ASME or Classification approval Specific flow and pressure.